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Modular-Lab PharmTracer Tower

Cost- and space-efficient solution for the production of Theranostic tracers

The Modular-Lab PharmTracer Tower is a further development stage of Modular-Lab PharmTracer, combining a minimum footprint and maximum cost-efficiency of device and consumables with the modular expandability and flexibility of Modular-Lab. The basic assembly was especially designed to offer optimal features for laboratories working with Theranostic tracers.

Detail Information

The increasing importance of Theranostic applications in positron emission tomography requires reliable and efficient solutions for laboratories. To meet these trends Eckert & Ziegler further developed its Modular-Lab PharmTracer, providing a synthesis device for routine production with maximum reliability, minimum footprint, and low investment and running costs thanks to the cost-efficient accessories and a new synthesis process which uses less amount of peptide.

The Modular-Lab PharmTracer Tower is based on the established Modular-Lab PharmTracer technology, decreasing size and complexity of cassettes for Theranostic agents. The laboratory equipment has been specifically designed to allow the fully automated GMP compliant synthesis of 68Ga-DOTA peptides and HBED-PSMA. This includes all process steps as fractionated elution of the 68Ga from a 68Ge/68Ga generator, the synthesis process and the post-purification of the product with a light CM cartridge. A filter and cassette test can be performed optionally without any additional equipment.
The system is delivered pre-validated and ready for synthesis.

The synthesizer consists of a 2-fold manifold module (SLM-2), a Heater Reaction Module (HRM) and a Syringe Module (SYM) in combination with disposable cassettes using the click‘n’start technology. The Modular-Lab software offers an easy-to-program and intuitive graphical interface.

Disposable Cassettes
Cassettes are assembled under GMP-compliant clean room conditions, sterilized with gamma-radiation and vacuum-packed (ISO 14644-1). All consumables are chemical resistant and have been tested for their suitability with the specific syntheses.

Features and Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Cost-efficient cassettes and smaller amount of peptide reduce costs per synthesis
  • Short synthesis time, fast and easy preparation
  • High and reliable radiochemical purity
  • Optional cassette and filter test
  • Tried and tested Modular-Lab PharmTracer technology
  • Open Modular-Lab software for R&D work
  • Expandable with further modules to enable the production of other and new tracers
  • High precision liquid transportation
  • No pre-purification needed when using 68Ga from a registered 68Ge/68Ga generator

To ensure high quality and best results, Eckert & Ziegler offers all equipment which is necessary for the synthesis from a single source, consisting of:

  • Modular-Lab PharmTracer Tower – the small and reliable synthesizer
  • Registered GalliaPharm® 68Ge/68Ga generator – to obtain the radionuclide
  • Disposable synthesis cassettes
  • Quality control devices and more


Apart from this synthesis system, Eckert & Ziegler also offers alternatives from the Modular-Lab family. Modular-Lab Standard uses a tubing-based approach and has been specifically designed for research and development of radiotracers. Modular-Lab PharmTracer allows cassette-based routine production as well as development and  Modular-Lab eazy provides a space and cost efficient solution for routine production of Theranostics tracers. Our latest innovation is KitLab, a stand-alone system for cold kit handling and more.


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