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Radio-TLC Imaging Scanner

The AR-2000 radio-TLC Imaging Scanner has become the industry ‘Gold Standard’ in the detection of radiolabeled compounds in TLC plates and also in the purity analysis of [18F]FDG.

The system provides direct digital counting of all radioisotopes, including high-energy positron emitters and low energy betas, such as tritium [3H], without the need to exchange detectors. AR-2000’s design guarantees quantitative accuracy and reproducibility in thin-layer chromatography applications in both important metabolism studies, as well as in simple radiochemical purity measurements.

AR-2000 is now also available as a GMP compliant version with RaPET-Lab/AR software.

Detail Information

The former BIOSCAN Analytical Instruments have been used in nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy laboratories for over 25 years. Their reputation for providing low-cost, easy-to-use and reliable equipment is unmatched by any other company. Thousands of laboratories around the world rely on BIOSCAN Analytical Instruments to meet their daily quality control requirements as well as to aid researchers in developing new compounds.

The AR-2000 Imaging Scanner is the industry ‘Gold Standard’ for analyzing [18F]FDG purity, 3H and 14C, on TLC plates, gels and blots. The system provides direct digital counting of all radioisotopes including positron emitters, which guarantees quantitative accuracy and reproducibility for important metabolism experiments and radiochemical purity measurements. The AR-2000 is linear over 4-5 decades of activity, a range 100 – 1,000 times greater than the linear range of X-ray film, providing fast and reliable analyses. The scanner uses a gas-filled proportional counter, which can detect all beta and gamma emitting isotopes. An entire TLC lane can be imaged in less than one minute. Multiple lanes can be analyzed in a single automated run without operator intervention.

WinScan Software
The system includes WinScan Software for instrument control for users who do not need GMP-compliant software. The results of multi-slice acquisition can be presented for 2D image construction via WinScan 2D.

GMP-compliant RaPET-Lab/AR software (optional)
The RaPET-Lab/AR software provides a modern software platform for AR-2000 users. This workflow management tool allows the automated execution of full processes of measurement, evaluation and quality checks using the AR-2000. Different tasks for desired processes can be integrated and executed in a predetermined order. All steps of the workflow are evaluated in an automatically generated unchangeable report. The built-in user management and access protection assures compliance with the highest standards of GMP, cGMP, GAMP 5 and 21 CFR part 11.


  • PET / Nuclear Medicine: Fast, accurate results for in vivo SPECT or PET radiopharmaceutical compounds labeled with 18F, 11C, 99mTc, 111In, etc. Radiopharmaceutical quality control and synthesis process control.
  • Pharmaceutical metabolite analysis: Radioisotope flexibility and manual or automatic peak analysis for low or high activity products, using beta (3H, 14C), gamma or positron-labeled compounds.
  • Radiotracer toxicology studies: High sensitivity for quantitative measurement of 14C-labeled organic compounds and agrichemicals.
    Lipid biosynthesis / Lipid analysis: 1D and 2D analysis of complex lipids, phospholipids and glycolipids by TLC with no cutting, scraping or transfer for fast quantitative results.
  • Radiolabeled reporter gene or enzyme assays: Simplifies the analysis and improves accuracy for traditional radioisotopic CAT or enzymatic conversion assays using TLC.
  • Quantitative biochemical separations and planar samples using radiolabeled compounds: Programmable scanning and quick-change magnetic collimators for resolution and sensitivity optimization.


Recent Publications


Nelson BJB – High yield cyclotron production of a novel 133/135La theranostic pair for nuclear medicine (link)

Pandya DN – Imaging of Fibroblast Activation Protein Alpha Expression in a Preclinical Mouse Model of Glioma Using Positron Emission Tomography (link)

Yokell DL – Development, validation and regulatory acceptance of improves purification and simplified quality control of [13N] Ammonia (link)

Lau WL – Development of zirconium-89 PET for in vivo imaging of alpha-klotho (link)

Goos JACM – Design and preclinical evaluation of nanostars for the passive pretargeting of tumor tissue (link)


Diebolder P – Aerosol-synthesized siliceous nanoparticles: impact of morphology and functionalization on biodistribution (link)

Basuli F – An efficient new method for the synthesis of 3‐[18F]fluoro‐4‐aminopyridine via Yamada‐Curtius rearrangement (link)


Jeon S. J. – Pixelated scintillator-based compact radio thin layer chromatography scanner for radiopharmaceuticals quality control (link)


Yousefnia H. – Preliminary Dosimetric Evaluation of a New Therapeutic 177Lu Complex for Human Based on Biodistribution Data in Rats (link)


Zhou D. – Synthesis, [18F] radiolabeling, and evaluation of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) inhibitors for in vivo imaging of PARP-1 using positron emission tomography (link)

Price E. W. – What a Difference a Carbon Makes: H4octapa vs H4C3octapa, Ligands for In-111 and Lu-177 Radiochemistry (link)


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